Monday, 25 November 2013

Cloudy Thoughts

Sometimes life gets hard and heavy and I feel the need to lie down on the ground and stare up at the sky.

The clouds are large and peaceful and floaty and the blue sky is soothing and smooth and helps to lighten my mind.

Sometimes I stare for too long. Staring for too long makes it hard to get up again. The clouds are fluffy and the sky is blue and it's nicer to stay staring up at it than to stand up and go back to reality and all of its difficulty.

And then I start thinking.

Friday, 15 February 2013

How to talk about movies that you haven't seen - Volume I: Citizen Kane

We've all been there. In the middle of a discussion about a very famous and important movie that you should have seen, but you haven't.

Let's face it. We lead busy lives. Watching a movie takes a lot of time. And, often, watching a classic movie takes a lot of brain power. There's a lot of pressure, too, watching a movie that's generally beloved and respected. Sometimes it's better to watch a lightweight movie. Or an episode of a television series.

Or five episodes of a television series. Mmm, Bunheads.

But that puts us in the awkward position, when people we're talking to start discussing, say, The Godfather, of having not seen the movie.

And thus we have two choices. We can either tell the truth, say we haven't seen The Godfather, and spend the rest of the discussion alternatively being berated for not having seen SUCH A CLASSIC MOVIE!!! and being told to go and watch said movie AT ONCE. Or...we can lie. Pretend we've seen The Godfather. Use the accumulated knowledge floating around in popular culture, and a zillion references from The Simpsons, to flub our way through the conversation. Peppered with vague comments like, "Oh, yeah, it's such a classic!", of course.

And this is where I come in.

Monday, 29 October 2012

To salute the sun, or not to salute the sun...

Ok, ok, I get it. Your signals are clear, and I am at last heeding your warnings.

So please, my dear body, stop the damn leg cramps!

I know I’ve avoided exercise for the last 3 years. Oh, boy, do I know it. Every time I walk up a set of stairs I know it.

Damn you, stairs.

I get that the weight I’ve slowly accumulated around my thighs is a direct result of my lack of exercise. And also a lot of sitting on my arse at computers and on lounges in front of televisions. I guess the weight is acting as padding to make these activities more comfortable? Very smart, body, but also a very good warning sign. I mean, if you feel the need to make sitting for extended periods more comfortable for my butt, it’s pretty clear that I’m doing too much of it.

Waaaaay too much of it.

Monday, 22 October 2012

And then I decided that I kinda missed stockings

I love warm weather. Warm weather is my favourite of all the weathers. Warm weather and I...we’re like this (imagine my fingers crossed). Warm weather’s my bro, my homie, my...something else 90’s sounding. So, understandably, the fact that the weather is indeed warming up makes me deliriously happy.

Today I left my house wearing a dress. This is nothing new; I wear dresses 90% of the time. But I accessorised my dress with bare legs.


Friday, 5 October 2012


I don’t know whether you’ve ever lived alone, but it is a fulfilling experience. Relying wholly and solely on yourself for everything – groceries, cooking, cleaning, well-being – is something that we don’t generally do. We live with our families, we house-share, we move in with our partners. Living alone is expensive, and it’s lonely.
But I have to say that I never found it lonely. There’s a difference between loneliness and being alone, and I don’t mind being alone. I think I thrived on finding out what I was capable of without anyone there to motivate me. Needless to say, I enjoyed the experience, and my apartment and I shared a close personal bond. It was my first house of my very own.
The place I fulfilled dreams.
The place where love was rekindled.
The place where I began to be an adult.
And, this week, the place I bid adieu to start the next stage of my life in our house of dreams.
I will miss it, my quirky little space. Yes, even the train line my kitchen window overlooked. I know that I am crazy lucky, that our house of dreams is amazing, that I’m here with my love, and that our loved ones are close by. But while I’m stepping out on the road to somewhere amazing, I’m holding close the sweet memories created in my first little place.