Thursday, 16 August 2012

Read my lips (and then donate to them too!)

Pucker up and get ready folks, cos Nothing Cutesy’s applying the lipgloss every day in September!

I will be participating in Liptember, a fundraiser raising awareness and monies for women’s health. Specifically, mental health issues in women. Here, the website says it better than me...

Basically, it’s like Movember, but for women. So instead of growing a moustache (which, to be honest, I would be terrible at) I will be wearing this lovely lipgloss for the entirety for September, day in, day out.

This means I’ll be wearing it to work, at home, to the shops, while I’m sleeping, while I’m exercising, while I’m sitting on the lounge doing nothing...whatever you think I’m doing, just picture me doing it lipglossed!

I mean, the burden of having eternally glossy lips will be a hard one to bear, but I’m prepared to make the sacrifice for such a good cause.

*Giant sigh*

This is an issue that’s very close to my heart, so I jumped at the chance to raise awareness and contribute some funds, while wearing my favourite type of makeup. I can’t live without my lipgloss, and it’s amazing that by this simple act of wearing lipgloss I am able to contribute to helping other women live.

If you’d like to get involved, you can do so in one of two ways:

1.     You can sponsor my lipglossing here:

2.     Or you can go into your local Myer or Lorna Jane and buy a lipgloss for yourself for just $10, or click on the Burt’s Bees picture above to order online. All proceeds from the sale of the lipgloss go to Liptember.

May the lipgloss forces be with you...and me, hopefully...

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