Saturday, 2 June 2012

Huzzah! I did not leave my underwear in my Kong Hong house

Hong Kong, I have been and gone, but not without leaving a part of myself behind. 

My soul, not my underwear. 

It was a short but sweet trip, filled with walking, culture and confusion over money. Darn pretty flower-shaped money, but seeing $3000 price tags does fill you with panic until the logical part of your brain converts it to $AUD. 

Clever brain. Here, have a cup of tea as a reward.
The moose and I agreed that the city of Kowloon, where we were based, is pretty much city meets the Vegas strip. Everything lit up and covered in flashing, moving ads. Unfortunately for me, my natural klutzy walking style did not work well with being constantly distracted by bright, shiny things. 

Note to self: watch where you are walking in busy, crowded city. Very important. 

Stray observations: 

• Hong Kong does not wake up until 9am at the earliest. This useful tidbit was discovered on our first day while trying to find an open shop before 10am. Very good for early morning, non-crowded walks around the city though. 

• While slightly blasphemous, taking a photo with forced perspective that makes it look like you're high-fiving a giant Buddha is pretty fun. 

• All tour guides should be named Ronald and have hilarious catch phrases. My family are still referring to going to the toilet as "singing a song" and clapping their hands high in the air when we get separated in crowds. 

• Disneyland is awesome no matter the country. 

• Slightly anime-style Buzz Lightyear is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. 

• The combination of a tassel and a carved Chinese New Year pig makes my favourite souvenir ever. You go cheery tassel pig. 

There are more adventures to come in the form of England, but for the time being I shall sum up my 17 hours in England with the following crazed statement... 

Underground those houses look like Keeping Up Appearances pub telephone box bunting this village is the cutest place I've ever seen that's it I'm totally living here forever why is summer so cold cup of tea time!

And keep an eye on the Nothing Cutesy Instagram, located either in the panel on the right of this blog or on your friendly Instagram app, for many random snaps that I'll be chucking up there as a means of blogging without blogging. Cos, let's face it, I'm darn lazy but also awesome with the photographing skills.

Cheerio Beans!

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