Monday, 18 June 2012

Yes, London Zoo, I will try Butterfly Paradise for some fluttery fun

Would you believe that a butterfly allowed me to get close enough to take this?

Yes, that's right folks, I am The Butterfly Whisperer.

Ok, not really, but today I did get to go to a Butterfly House at London Zoo, which is totally one of my bucket list items. You see, I adore butterflies, but every time I've been somewhere with a butterfly enclosure it's been closed. Until today, I had the worst butterfly luck.

But then the lovely people at London Zoo gave me a happy, happy map with the magic words - Butterfly Paradise. YES. A big, blow-up tent of magic.

And it was amazing. If I could have lived there, I would have moved in right there and then. As it was, I spent over half an hour in there. I got some beautiful photos of the glorious creatures, including the one you see above, but we were still attempting to get a shot of the elusive huge blue butterfly that kept swooping past us when the Moose called out to me.

There, sitting on his forehead, slightly shaggy wings flapping gently, was one of the blue butterflies.


I'm still in shock.

Luckily, my jealousy didn't interfere with my photography reflexes, and I managed to capture this...

Simply beautiful.

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